Friday, July 01, 2005

Meaning of life? (Not exactly)

I should write something profound, which would make people think abt the purpose of their existance...
Ha Ha (Like one of my best friends would say)
Well, I have a lot of friends, guys and gals, employed/unemployed, serious/silly and everything in between. And a lot of them are starting to get married too. Or busy looking for the 'perfect catch':) Me, I'm not like them at all. I'm totally different, totally non-conforming. I married early.

Monday, June 27, 2005

What I know

After cooking everyday, twice/thrice a day, for 6 years straight, I'd say I'm a good cook. Albiet a specialized one. I come from Kerala, the southern most tip of India, whose breakfast is rated the best in the world by National Geographic traveller:) And for that matter any food from Kerala will leave you wanting more. And I know how to cook 'em! That thought made my day.

What does a human being need to be happy for a whole day? A small thought about one thing u can do right... For me, it's cooking.